The Sbobet site is a legal online gambling platform in Asia. It is operated by a company licensed by the Philippines and the Isle of Man. The company offers multiple deposit methods and 24 hours customer service. Sbobet’s customer support team can assist with registration and transferring funds.

The website offers a variety of sports betting options. However, it is important to remember that the rules of online sports betting are specific to each website and bet type. Generally, all bets must be placed on a match and will only stand if the game is completed and the outcome is unconditionally determined. In addition, bets on specific markets will only be accepted and settled if the event has been unconditionally determined. In the case of a penalty shoot-out, bets will not be accepted or settled. In the case of an illogical bet, the operator will void the bet and return any stakes.

In Running (“Live”) bets are only available for matches that have been marked as “live”. This means that the event is happening at the time of placing the bet. The bets will be settled on a regular time of sixty or seventy minutes of play. The Operator does not guarantee the accuracy of the live scores or the video streams. The final score at the end of the match will be used to determine the bet settlement. In addition, the official score(s) provider will be used to settle the bet.

If the score changes between the two teams during a match, the results are still based on the aggregate of the goals and points scored. In case of an extra time, the bet will only be settled if the match is still tied at the end of the extra time. The Operator does not guarantee the accuracy of live scores and will not be responsible for updating the score. If the score is incorrect or if there is a change of venue, the bet will be void.

The operator reserves the right to reject or suspend bets at any time, in addition to the right to suspend or cease live market wagering. In the case of an abnormal bet, the Operator will take reasonable measures to detect it. In the case of the use of artificial intelligence, the Operator reserves the right to void the bet.

If you are unsure whether the match is valid, contact the sbobet customer service team for more information. In the event that the match is cancelled, the bets will be returned. Depending on the type of bet, the maximum amount of each bet may be changed without notice.

The operator’s odds are subject to fluctuation. If the price or odds of the bets are incorrect, they will be void. The operator will take steps to detect any abnormal use of artificial intelligence, which can result in the termination of the account. Additionally, the operator will not be liable for any damage to the End User or any third party due to a delay in the processing of the transaction.