There are different types of bets offered by sport books. Betting on soccer and baseball games involves predicting the outcome of a match. Soccer bets are typically based on the amount of goals and points scored by the teams. The type of betting available will depend on the difficulty of the match.

For instance, double chance bets allow for betting on two of three possible outcomes, such as a home win or an away win. However, these bets will only be settled if one of the two outcomes is realized. You can place bets on the result of a draw, too.

The Operator reserves the right to refuse, reject or suspend any bets, or to cancel any markets for any reason, without prior notice. For instance, the Operator may suspect that any bet is fraudulent or has been placed by someone attempting to manipulate the system. If so, the bets will be void and all stakes will be returned.

Period Betting is a betting option that is only available for certain events. In this case, bets are settled on a regular time of sixty or seventy minutes of play. This is not the case for extra time and overtime, which are not included in the calculation. When a period of time is completed, the Operator will settle bets based on the official final score.

Bets are refunded in the event that an event is cancelled. However, bets placed before the game is called off will stand. If the event is cancelled after the first point has been scored, bets will be considered lost. To ensure that your bet is valid, you must bet on the match with less than five minutes of scheduled game time left.

Period betting is based on the final score at the end of the match. Bets are only eligible for settlement when the match is finished. During this time, the margin at full-time is used to determine the final bet settlement. After the match has ended, the official score and statistics will be used to settle the bet.

All bets accepted by the Operator are subject to these Rules. It is the responsibility of the End User to read and understand the Rules before placing bets. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the End User to verify the status of the event and the odds of the bet. Any error in the details or the prices of the bets can cause a bet to be void.

Similarly, the use of artificial intelligence is strictly forbidden. If the Operator suspects that an End User is using such intelligence to cheat or otherwise manipulate the system, the Account may be permanently barred. While the Operator will not be held liable for the accuracy of the event information, it does not guarantee that it will be accurate.

A Cash Out option is available for select markets. Before the bets are settled, the Customer can request the Operator to determine the cash out amount. Once the Operator accepts the bet, the amount will be adjusted according to the Operator’s discretion.